Voorstel voor opvolger van de Machinerichtlijn gepubliceerd

New Regulation on Machinery: proposal is out

The main legal changes are the transformation of the legislation into a Regulation, which facilitates homogenous application throughout the EU. and an alignment with the horizontal rules on the responsibilities of economic operators, market surveillance, accreditation, as well as the role of notified bodies and conformity assessment procedures.

In addition, the EC decided to adapt the essential requirements of the legislation to the latest developments in technology, including the collaboration between human and robots. Among the most debated topics, the EC decided to propose the new concept of substantial modification and remove the possibility for OEMs to self-assess certain categories of machines by using a harmonised standard.

The legislation on machinery product is one of the most important pieces of legislation for CECE industry. Therefore, since the beginning of the consultation process, CECE has been engaging with the EC, Member States’ authorities and different industry stakeholders on the most important topics for the construction equipment manufacturers. CECE published a position papers for the evaluation of the current Machinery Directive, took an active part in the targeted and public consultations and participated to all the discussions in the EC’s Machinery Working Group meetings.

Over the next few days, the CECE Secretariat will analyse the EC’s proposal and organise a series of meetings together with our members in the framework of the Project Team Machinery. CECE is looking forward to participating in the legislative process and further engage with the European Parliament and Council.

You may access the proposal, it annexes and the impact assessment report on the EC’s website and the last CECE position prior the publication of the proposal on our website. If you are a CECE member and want to get involved write to info@cece.eu.

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